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Reclaim Your Brilliance

because all of you matters

We are a health and wellness collective that is body-positive, inclusive, and welcoming of all shapes, sizes, orientations, and colors. Here to help you elevate your energy, renew your wellbeing, and align your daily life, Lemon Tree Wellness supports you in navigating turbulent waters with ease. 

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East Asian Medicine | Acupuncture

Integrated, Intutuive Care

Gentle styles of acupuncture + custom herbal medicine to renew your inherent wellness & beauty

Bodywork | MASSAGE


One On One Healing Sessions to Bring About Fresh Growth

Powerful, time tested, and evidence-based forms of bodywork, personalized to you in a relaxed & beautiful setting  

Pilates | Movement + Alignment

Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group Sessions 

Increase awareness and control of your movement patterns. Athletes and injured folks alike enjoy the improvements in alignment that the Pilates method brings, for more ease, enjoyment of movement, and efficiency. 

Be. Wild. Create. | Workshop Series

Monthly Wellness and Creative Workshops Inspired by Nature

Deepen your healing journey through experiences designed to bring together artistic expression and nature. Think of it like a training run for your energetic system - one where you’ll have fun, learn new skills, and connect with like-minded souls. 

Find Your Brilliance | Group Coaching

A 6-Week Group Coaching Program 

Learn and integrate ancient practices and evidence-based strategies to increase mindfulness, improve your digestion, and nurture your creative muse to find your shine and align with your purpose and joy.

Brilliance immersion | Private Coaching

6 or 12-Week Private Coaching Program

A  journey of self-discovery through the relationship with mind, body, and food to help you heal and take control of your life

Hormone Balance with East-Asian Medicine

Hormone Balance with East-Asian Medicine

If you haven’t heard about hormone replacement therapy and the controversy surrounding it in the headlines recently,  you might be living under a rock (or… seriously preoccupied).  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment that involves replacing the...

Gift Guide

Gift Guide

By Heidi Weiss, NTP, MPH While we tend to prefer experiences over things for gifting (see below 😉), we do want to share a few treasures that are unique and would make beautiful holiday gifts because they:   help us see the beauty that surrounds us help us feel...

Acupuncture + Exercise Improves Post-Covid Syndrome

Acupuncture + Exercise Improves Post-Covid Syndrome

Guest Post by Angie Clifford, MSOM, LAc What is Post-Covid Syndrome (PCS) also known as “long Covid”? “PCS encompasses a constellation of potential symptoms experienced by patients for 4 weeks or longer following infection with Covid-19”. Evidence shows that symptoms...

We acknowledge and express gratitude for inhabiting and working on the indigenous homelands of the native tribal peoples of the Pacific Northwest.