A Sanctuary To Reclaim Your Health

and Your Innately Brilliant Self

We believe that healing is always possible, and that by making space for change to happen, we can transform our most difficult challenges into our most precious opportunities for growth.

The Lemon Tree brings us welcome shade on a sweltering day, divinely scented blossoms, uplifting fruit, cleansing oil, and yes, the invitation to transform a tough situation into something a little magical.

Couldn’t we all use a little of that?

Meet Our Team

Photo credit: @cesar_rodriiguez

Heidi Weiss (she/her)

I founded Portland Pilates Collective + Wellness center in 2006 with the mission of making Pilates accessible and welcoming to a wider demographic. 

Lemon Tree Wellness, est. 2021, expands on that vision to provide creative classes, workshops, and natural medicine for people to heal, connect, and be well.  We are here to nourish all of you.

I believe in the ability of Pilates, acupuncture, nutrition, and other wellness practices to dramatically change lives, and my teaching emphasizes the holistic and transformative benefits of Pilates, approaching the method as a healing modality. I strive in my teaching to help people feel their full potential.  I have held a comprehensive certification with Peak Pilates since 2006, and act as a mentor to several gifted instructors.  

Undergraduate study of Chinese medical theory and my interest in nutrition as the basis of health inspired me to certify as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) in 2006. I went on to pursue a Master’s of Public Health at Portland State University in Health Education, focusing on Integrative Health Education. 

I now combine my love of movement and food with this broad knowledge base in integrative health education to help my clients live and move with connected joy. 

Iona River (they/them)

I have enjoyed giving and receiving massages since I was a child, first by walking on my dad’s back. For over two decades, I have now been offering my healing services in Portland.

My unique blend of bodywork is deeply grounded, intuitive, and creative. I enjoy listening closely to clients verbally, non-verbally, through touch, heart and energy to customize each session to individual needs. 

My offerings include: craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and cupping, energy work including Reiki and polarity therapy, spiritual guidance and healing, and trauma-informed bodywork. Head/neck/shoulder/arm/hand or foot/lower leg massage are incorporated with cranioscaral therapy and myofascial release as indicated. 

I am especially passionate about supporting clients in connecting with their innate healing wisdom and becoming more embodied through therapeutic touch and compassionate presence. I know from personal experience how vital regular bodywork is for healing and as part of an ongoing wellness routine, and find great joy in helping clients find relief from chronic or acute pain, reduce stress through deep relaxation, and calm/ balance the nervous system, which facilitates profound healing. 

The Pacific Northwest is a place I have deep roots, as a fifth generation Portlander and a descendant of Oregon Trail pioneers. I enjoy spending time around the city, in the mountains at my favorite hot springs and at the Oregon coast. I am mom to a fabulous teenager, who I have connected with through massage since he was a newborn.


Katherine Armer (she/her)

I have been practicing acupuncture with a focus on treating children, young adults and new parents ever since completing formal studies in 2007. My lifelong interest, and background, in working with children informs my gentle and non-invasive approach with patients. I tailor treatments to accommodate varying ages and comfort levels, incorporating needle free techniques such as acupressure, laser point activation and cupping.I am passionate about nutrition and food, and love finding creative ways to work with special dietary needs and establish healthy eating habits for the whole family. As a mother of a five-year-old, kid-friendly cuisine and food sensitivity problem solving has become a specialty!

I hold a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from ACTCM in San Francisco, CA.  Additionally, I completed a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Pre-Medical Studies from Mills College in Oakland, CA, which provided a basis for a deeper understanding of western biomedicine and serves my desire to forge an integrated path as a medical practitioner. After finishing my licensing certification, I traveled to Hangzhou, China, where I attended Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, completing special studies in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.

My training has encompassed herbal therapy, cosmetic and facial acupuncture, and essential oil therapy. I continue to be amazed by the simple and elegant healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Nobuko Kaji (she/her)

With over ten years teaching in the US and Japan, my wholistic approach to everyday fitness is informed as much by my experience as a dancer and athlete as my training in personal fitness and Pilates. I am certified in Pilates by Balanced Body®, PhysicalMind Institute™, and the Pilates Method Alliance.

I also am a Bodhi Suspension System® Master Trainer. I hold a certification in level one Neurokinetic Therapy®. With this multi-faceted background, I work creatively with a wide variety of clients to help them achieve deep, long lasting results.


Beate Kilber (she/her)
Alexander Technique

I am a native of Germany with a background as a professional dancer, Waldorf language teacher, and massage therapist. My personal journey with the Alexander Technique allowed me to free my body from years of chronic pain.

With finding and studying Contemporary Alexander Technique, I fulfilled my passion for the human body, movement, Argentine Tango and teaching. I love teaching all variety of students looking for more ease,  flow, and balance in their movement and lives.

Caitlin Couture (she/her)
Massage + reiki

I am a licensed massage therapist and shamanic reiki master, bringing 15 years of experience and love of my work to my clientele. I am a graduate of the National Holistic Institute and have consistently built upon that foundation throughout my career by learning new modalities.

My work is for anyone seeking guidance, solace, and relief, and my lived experiences as a queer woman married to a trans-identified partner, and as an adoptive mother, has made me a fierce advocate of compassionate care without judgement for all bodies in all stages of being. I am also a death doula and support individual clients and families and community death education, which you can find more about here. When not with my cherished clients, I can most likely be found hiking, having a dance party with my kid, or at a nursery buying too many plants.



Morgan Moore (she/her)

My love of movement began with dance, through which I was introduced to the Pilates method in the early ’90s before earning a complete
certification in The Pilates Method from Body Balance LLC in 2000. I have explored many other movement modalities which bring depth and focus to my work with individuals.

I am passionate about restorative justice, trauma informed body care, and mindfulness in the criminal justice system, and believe that social justice is a public health issues that needs to be addressed in our society in both body-centered and cognitive ways (real history, un-learning, re-learning, and social justice interventions).



I was born and raised in Oakland, California, and grew up watchin gmy mother’s struggles in dealing with chronic pain. An avid athlete, I played competitive sports (soccer, horseback riding, and tennis), and experienced many injuries that devolved into chronic pain and left me searching for a lasting solution – which turned out to be massage. Having sustained several major concussions, broken bones, and low back pain allows me to help my clients to find solutions to their pain.

I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2019, and specialize in pain management and reduction with both subtle and direct approaches. I use structural integration and craniosacral therapies, focusing on the central nervous system and fascial release to help aid the body in harnessing its own innate healing.

May the Sun bring you new energy by day.

May the Moon softly restore you by night.

May the Rain wash away your worries.

May the Breeze blow new strength into your being.

May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life.

~ Apache Blessing

How Lemon Tree Wellness Came To Be


Heidi WeissHi There! I’m Heidi Weiss, teacher, mother, certified Pilates instructor + nutritionist, Reiki healer, crystal-lover, knitter, culinary chemist, tango dancer, wannabe singer, and forever student of life. 

Last Summer, a dear friend of mine moved far away, and gifted me many of her plants, among which was a  struggling lemon tree. I brought it home and placed it outside in a shady spot, tending to it daily. I  saw its spotted, yellow  leaves grow shiny and thick; it produced new foliage, and soon began to flower prolifically. I was intoxicated by the shower of blossoms, and amazed by the tree’s resilience. 

This experience activated in my memory a piece of wisdom that I have learned many times over in my life – that healing happens organically when given the space, and when approached from a holistic perspective.  This perspective is what defines folk medicine: the medicine of the people. Its Earth-centered ethic says not only that we need to see a person’s entire being – body, mind, and spirit – to transform health, but also that our health is connected to each other and the Earth. The world is beginning to turn back toward this earth-centered, holistic perspective, and away from the paradigm built around disease-care rather than health-care. Science is now validating the ancient knowledge that we are connected to each other and the Earth in fantastic ways. This concept of connection is the basis of all indigenous medical systems, and is at the heart of what I teach: simple yet profound practices and ways of being to increase resilience, connect to the Earth, others, and yourself; helping you revive and embody your full brilliance. 

I have every confidence that when we navigate this journey with support, and are seen as our full selves, we find our way with more ease and efficiency.

This is my hope for you, and the reason that I’ve created Lemon Tree Wellness:

To help guide you to realize your innate wisdom and health; to help you find the patterns and practices that revitalize and orient you to your purpose; and to help you recognize the opportunity that you have each and every day to grow in community. Each of Lemon Tree Wellness’ offerings is designed to weave a web of connected care that brings you closer to yourself; your essential beauty, wellness, and brilliance. 

We acknowledge and express gratitude for inhabiting and working on the indigenous homelands of the native tribal peoples of the Pacific Northwest.