Guest Post by Angie Clifford, MSOM, LAc

What is Post-Covid Syndrome (PCS) also known as “long Covid”? “PCS encompasses a constellation of potential symptoms experienced by patients for 4 weeks or longer following infection with Covid-19”. Evidence shows that symptoms can become chronic if not treated, but medicine hasn’t shown any conclusive treatments until recently.

University researchers from
Cleveland Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University are finding the multidisciplinary approach of Acupuncture treatments along with 30 mins of individually designed movement sessions to be the best approach for tackling PCS, possibly for good.

In one case involving a 50 year old woman who suffered from “fatigue, continued loss of olfactory senses, shortness of breath and chest pain, palpitations, dry cough and brain fog for 8 months after an infection with Covid-19, reported feeling relaxed immediately after her first acupuncture treatment, and noticed an absence of chest pressure and palpitations later.

At acupuncture visit 2, which began a time of overlap her with exercise regimen, she reported having more energy. At visit 3, she reported being able to partially mow her lawn without shortness of breath, and she also noted olfactory improvement. At visit 4, she noted further improvements in energy and reduced coughing. At visit 5, she reported feeling “awake again,”without brain fog. She did her first heavy yardwork since pre-COVID-19. At visit 6, she noted improved energy and had resumed her usual exercise classes. Progress was maintained at visit 7, in which she was treated for a typical/pre-COVID-19 temporal headache. The patient was doing well without a PCS relapse 1-month later”.

Lemon Tree Wellness is offering patient-specific, “Long-Covid” sessions consisting of 30 minutes of tailored Pilates followed by 30 minutes of Acupuncture to help you get back to your best you. See more information and book a session here. Lemon Tree Wellness is a health and wellness space in the Hosford-Abernethy area of Portland, Oregon. 

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