Bodywork | Massage, Craniosacral + Alexander Technique

sometimes you need a little help from a friend…..

Experience the Benefits of Bodywork

improve your circulation and flow of energy

increase your body awareness

enhance your sense of freedom and spaciousness in your movement

activate your body’s natural healing response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system

Bodywork Modalities

Sarga Bodywork


A barefoot massage modality that utilizes a strap fastened to the table to deliver deep therapeutic and myofascial techniques. Sarga works as a method to “comb out” fascia which leads to less restriction in movement, hydration of the tissues, and elongation of muscle fibers. It is also beautifully relaxing and will reconnect you with your body.

Oncology Massage


If cancer is part of your story, it is imperative that your LMT is trained in oncology massage. Without proper knowledge, there is a real risk of harm for the client. Oncology massage offers respite, connection, and tranquility, and has the potential to decrease nausea, result in better sleep, and decrease pain and discomfort.


Myofascial release addresses fascial adhesions where pain and blockages of energy can occur. Like Myofascial work, Craniosacral Therapy can help to release trauma, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and increase healing time. 

CBD Release


CBD oil enhances the relaxation effects of massage, reduces inflammation, calms the nervous system and decreases pain.

Intuitive Comfort


This session draws from traditional Swedish massage, shiatsu, and Reiki with a goal of creating relaxation and peace. This session will take the recipient out of the “go go go” mentality and allow for nourishment and repair to take place.



Cupping is an ancient technique from China that is also a type of myofascial release. Using round glass or silicone cups, a vacuum is created where the cup is placed on the body to stretch muscles and fascia. Cups stay in place for 5-20 minutes. This technique can help to stimulate circulation, reduce pain, improve breathing issues, stimulate digestion, and improve sleep.

Contemporary Alexander Technique


Using light touch and verbal cueing, Beate guides students in seated, standing, and everyday movements to discover new ways of being “in the flow” of life with stregth and ease, and awareness of existing patterns. Because habits often create discomfort, pain, and imbalance, changing these patterns through awareness often diminishes discomfort, and fosters a renewed sense of joy, freedom, and balance. This hands-on technique can help to reduce pain and tension, improve ease and freedom of movement, and enhance overall health and well-being. On a profound level, the discipline explores the possbilities of who we each can be, using the vehicle of movement. 

Contemporary Alexander Technique is based on the work of F.M. Alexander, and influenced by the teachings of Robyn Avalon. 


Caitlin Couture, LMT (she/her)

Caitlin’s bodywork runs the gamut from deep, therapeutic myofascial work to shamanic Reiki. Her blend of intelligence and intuition, discrimination and devotion allows her to choose just the right treatments to support her clients.  She intuitively understands the interconnectedness of our physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies and will work with you to find balance, ease, and a sense of home within. 

Caitlin’s is honored to offer Swedish-based relaxation massage, Sarga bodywork, Shamanic Reiki sessions, safe and soothing massages for oncology patients, and gentle touch for those at the end of their lives. While very different in their approach and techniques, all of these modalities have the capacity to relieve stress and pain, and increase inner expansiveness and ease.  She finds great joy in empowering clients in their journey back to connection with themselves. Her sessions are tailored to the individual, and she describes them as specific and sacred. 

Beate Kilber (she/her)

Beate is a native of Germany with a background as a professional dancer, Waldorf language teacher, and massage therapist. Her personal journey with the Alexander Technique allowed her to free her body from years of chronic pain.

Beate’s style of Contemporary Alexander Technique was born out of a lifelong passion for the human body, movement, Argentine Tango and teaching. These passions all come together in these personalized movement-oriented Alexander Technique lessons. She loves teaching all variety of students looking for more ease,  flow, and balance in their movement and lives.

Iona Rivers

Iona River, LMT (they/them)

Iona’s unique blend of bodywork is deeply grounded, intuitive, and creative. They enjoy listening closely to clients verbally, non-verbally, through touch, heart and energy to customize each session to individual needs. They have been offering their wise healing services in Portland for over two decades. 

Iona’s offerings include: craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and cupping, energy work including Reiki and polarity therapy, spiritual guidance and healing, and trauma-informed bodywork. Head/neck/shoulder/arm/hand or foot/lower leg massage are incorporated with cranioscaral therapy and myofascial release as indicated. 

Iona is especially passionate about supporting clients in connecting with their innate healing wisdom and becoming more embodied through therapeutic touch and compassionate presence. They know from personal experience how vital regular bodywork is for healing and as part of an ongoing wellness routine. 

What People Are Saying

“Transformational! They are pure magic – patient, gentle, tuned-in, authentic, and joyful. I can’t say enough good things about Iona. I felt safe and held enough to do some deep releasing and am so grateful. One thousand stars!”


I started with a 30 minute massage but definitely knew I wanted to book a 90 minute one for my next appointment. It was so soothing, and Caitlin makes you feel immediately welcomed and relaxed. After seeing her for a few sessions, I’m more aware of my body posture and how I’m holding myself which is alleviating my work-related pain.”

-Stacie Nellor

“Iona brings so much love and care through their massage! It is a powerfully healing and revivifying experience!”


I left my session with Caitlin feeling more free in my physical and emotional movement. She unlocks doors that have been closed for a while and need to be aired out! Since starting my work with her, there is a freedom in my heart and my soul.”

-Angela Alberto

“Iona is very intuitive and has magic hands. They listen, are nurturing and have mad massage skills. Pure BLISS!”


You know when you meet someone and you instantly feel at ease? That is how I feel EVERY TIME I have a session with Caitlin.”

–Maureen Andersen

“I have been going to Iona for over 20 years and they are always warm and caring. Nice extra touches, i.e. hot packs to warm you and scents that relax.”


“Absolutely wonderful massage experience! Caitlin is thoughtful and intuitive, an excellent listener, and has great skill and passion for her job. I highly recommend you put your back in her hands!”

–Rachel Gilbert Falkowski

“Iona was so in tune with what my body and mind needed that they adjusted their method as they went through my service. The result was that I left feeling more grounded, refreshed, and balanced mentally – and physically I had less pain. This was the first massage I’ve had that felt like both bodywork and therapy. I highly reoommend Iona.”


My massage with Caitlin was wonderful. She asked interesting and important questions to ensure I was to get the massage I wanted. I left feeling relaxed and at peace. Thank you for your expertise Caitlin!”

–Tess Scholl 

We acknowledge and express gratitude for inhabiting and working on the indigenous homelands of the native tribal peoples of the Pacific Northwest.