Bodywork | Massage, Structural Integration + Alexander Technique

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Experience the Benefits of Bodywork

improve your circulation and flow of energy

increase your body awareness

enhance your sense of freedom and spaciousness in your movement

activate your body’s natural healing response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system

Bodywork Modalities

Oncology Massage


Structural Integration uses manual therapy techniques that help to explore the possibility of change in how you use and experience your body. Through education, awareness, and therapeutic touch, you can release painful, stressful patterns of tension. 

Intuitive Comfort


Soma is designed to improve the way you move, feel and express yourself. It is a form of structural integration in the lineage of Ida P. Rolf that helps to relieve pain and restores mobility by working with connective tissue. Incorporating mindfulness and sensory awareness, Soma unites your entire mind/body/spirit to promote self-sensing and self-correction. 



Cupping is an ancient technique from China that is also a type of myofascial release. Using round glass or silicone cups, a vacuum is created where the cup is placed on the body to stretch muscles and fascia. Cups stay in place for 5-20 minutes. This technique can help to stimulate circulation, reduce pain, improve breathing issues, stimulate digestion, and improve sleep.

Contemporary Alexander Technique


Using light touch and verbal cueing, Beate guides students in seated, standing, and everyday movements to discover new ways of being “in the flow” of life with stregth and ease, and awareness of existing patterns. Because habits often create discomfort, pain, and imbalance, changing these patterns through awareness often diminishes discomfort, and fosters a renewed sense of joy, freedom, and balance. This hands-on technique can help to reduce pain and tension, improve ease and freedom of movement, and enhance overall health and well-being. On a profound level, the discipline explores the possbilities of who we each can be, using the vehicle of movement. 

Contemporary Alexander Technique is based on the work of F.M. Alexander, and influenced by the teachings of Robyn Avalon. 


Jonathan Pierce, BCSI, LMT (he/him)

Jonathan came to Structural Integration like many do: through an injury that he just couldn’t shake. He sought out many different strategies for years, to varying degrees of success, and couldn’t quite get past the seemingly perpetual cycle of reinjury and rehab. His mom, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, suggested that he try Structural Integration. He had never heard of it, but trusts her; if she says he should something, he’s in. This began a whole series of profound shifts in his body and life that set him in a new direction: that of a somanaut, or explorer of inner space.

Jonathan’s posture changed for the better. As a singer, he was surprised and delighted to see that his lung capacity increased. His movement became more efficient, and he finally overcame the cycle re-injury. All of this resulted in a big paradigm shift – he shed all therapeutic strategies aimed at isolation of movement. He started focusing on strengthening my feet, fostering more movement in his ankles, and shed his compression socks, ankle braces, and motion control shoes. Today he runs completely barefoot and hasn’t had any serious injuries for nearly a decade.

Jonathan offers both Structural Integration sessions and Somassage – an effective full body massage treatment based upon principles of fascia and Soma Structural Integration®.


Beate Kilber (she/her)

Beate is a native of Germany with a background as a professional dancer, Waldorf language teacher, and massage therapist. Her personal journey with the Alexander Technique allowed her to free her body from years of chronic pain.

Beate’s style of Contemporary Alexander Technique was born out of a lifelong passion for the human body, movement, Argentine Tango and teaching. These passions all come together in these personalized movement-oriented Alexander Technique lessons. She loves teaching all variety of students looking for more ease,  flow, and balance in their movement and lives.

What People Are Saying

“Jonathan is one of the best bodywork practitioners I have ever seen. After working with him for just 1 session, my neck doesn’t hurt for the first time in 30 years. And I have tried almost everything for my neck pain. He’s truly gifted and obviously loves what he does. Highly recommended!

-Alice P, LMT 

“I feel comfortable for the first time in 36 hours!” MB

-Mary B.

You know when you meet someone and you instantly feel at ease? That is how I feel EVERY TIME I have a session with Caitlin.”

–Maureen Andersen

Beate is so informed and sensitive, and the two hours packed so much punch!  I’m still enjoying the benefits and thinking about those two hours.”

– Jane Friedland

“Absolutely wonderful massage experience! Caitlin is thoughtful and intuitive, an excellent listener, and has great skill and passion for her job. I highly recommend you put your back in her hands!”

–Rachel Gilbert Falkowski

My massage with Caitlin was wonderful. She asked interesting and important questions to ensure I was to get the massage I wanted. I left feeling relaxed and at peace. Thank you for your expertise Caitlin!”

–Tess Scholl 

We acknowledge and express gratitude for inhabiting and working on the indigenous homelands of the native tribal peoples of the Pacific Northwest.