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Energy Healing Modalities

Shamanic Reiki


This modality brings together Reiki and shamanic practices to shift energy, remove blockages and instructions, and return you to your natural flow.
These sessions may also include energetic cord removal, guided journeys to past lives or events, or to meet your personal guides and teachers. This is a wonderful practice for those feeling disconnected or stagnant, and desiring a loving shift in their life and rekindling of their intuition. Shamanic Reiki empowers you, the recipient, to identify your sources of dis-ease and become an active participant in your wellness.


Shamanic Reiki


Experience the Benefits of Energy Work

improve your circulation and flow of energy

renew your body’s energy centers

connect with your purpose

enhance your sense of freedom and spaciousness in your life

activate your body’s natural healing response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system


Caitlin Couture, LMT (she/her)

Caitlin’s bodywork runs the gamut from deep, therapeutic myofascial work to shamanic Reiki. Her blend of intelligence and intuition, discrimination and devotion allows her to choose just the right treatments to support her clients.  

Caitlin’s offerings include Sarga Bodywork, Oncology Massage, Intuitive Comfort and Shamanic Reiki. She intuitively understands the interconnectedness of our physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies and will work with you to find balance, ease, and a sense of home within. 

What People Are Saying

 I came to Caitlin knowing I had some extra stress trapped in my body. I hoped she would be able to help unlock these body doors so I would then be able to work through the stress that bubbled to the surface. I left my session feeling more free in my physical and emotional movement. Caitlin unlocks doors that have been closed for a while and need to be aired out! Since starting my work with her, there is a freedom in my heart and my soul.”

— Angela Alberto

You know when you meet someone and you instantly feel at ease? That is how I feel EVERY TIME I have a session with Caitlin.”

— Maureen Andersen–Amanda

Caitlin is an incredibly gifted healer and each time I’ve come to her feeling disconnected from my spirit, or struggling with grief or loss, I’ve left feeling transformed, full of light and love. Each journey has been completely different, based on what I needed or what Caitlin was led to bring me through, and those experiences have stayed with me. In each session I’ve been introduced to helpers that now feel like they’re part of me. I’m grateful for Caitlin’s gifts, wisdom, skill, knowledge, and compassion, and working with her has been crucial for me during this difficult time. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Erin Ergenbright


We acknowledge and express gratitude for inhabiting and working on the indigenous homelands of the native tribal peoples of the Pacific Northwest.