Guest Post by Caitlin Couture, LMT

While it may seem antithetical to carefully plan and prepare for a massage, you can get maximum relaxation benefit by having a few specific items organized. Just as preparing yourself for sleep with rituals like soothing lighting, aromas, or music can help you shift into a parasympathetic state to get good quality sleep, approaching the massage experience in this way is conducive to a deeper, more relaxing experience.
Here’s what you can do before you even get on the table: 
    1. Hydrate extra well for at least two days before your massage appointment. Hydrated tissues have an easier time accepting bodywork, therefore your LMT will have greater success moving you towards your pain relief and wellness goals. Dehydrated tissues are far less pliable, and it will take longer for your body to be able to relax into and benefit from your session.


    2. Try to arrive to your appointment at least ten minutes prior to when your LMT has requested. Give yourself this time to allow your day up to this point to float away, engage in some deep breathing, listen to some calming music, or whatever makes you feel grounded and present. Like with hydration, preparing in this way ahead of your massage will allow you to relax into your session and get more out of your time with your therapist.


    3. If possible, wear soft and comfortable clothing that will feel good to put back on after your appointment. You may feel tender, nourished, and/or extremely relaxed and you may appreciate not having to put on restrictive clothing and shoes.


    4. Fill out your intake form and communicate with your therapist prior to the start of your massage with honesty and transparency. Your safety and enjoyment of your session is so important to your LMT and any pertinent personal and health information that isn’t communicated to them could affect your wellbeing.


    5. Go into your session knowing that you are entering a safe and nonjudgmental space and that your therapist is so happy to see you! You are worthy of care and deserving of this nurturing time. 

    If you’re looking for massage in Portland, Oregon, Caitlin is in on Tuesdays, Fridays, and the second Saturday of the month. You can schedule a massage or Reiki appointment with her here