Lemon Drops | OPEN HOUSE

a taste of treatments and practices for heath + well-being

Experience our Wellness Treatments and Providers

SUNDAY, APRIL 23 | 2 – 5PM

improve your circulation and flow of energy

increase your body awareness

enhance your sense of freedom and spaciousness in your movement

activate your body’s natural healing response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system

learn new methods of spiritual, emotional, and physical maintenance

enter our raffle for a free massage (and get an extra entry when you bring a friend!)



Intuitive Comfort


No registration required. Bring a cup and sample our custom herbal tea blends, and receive a free tea blend to take home. Slow down and allow for nourishment and repair to take place.



Acupuncture is an ancient technique that uses small needles to stimulate energy flow along pathways in the body called meridians. It can help with everything from musculoskeletal injuries to insomnia to allergies and immunity. Get a complimentary 10 minute mini-treatment by signing up here! 



Ear seeding is an ancient technique from China that is also a type of acupressure. Using small seeds and adhesive tape, a pressure point is stimulated on the ear that corresponds with a specific part of the body. Seeds can stay in place for up to a week, and can help to reduce pain, improve breathing issues, stimulate digestion, improve sleep, and more. Get a personalized mini-treament here!

Contemporary Alexander Technique


Using light touch and verbal cueing, you will be guided in seated, standing, and everyday movements to discover new ways of being “in the flow” of life. Gaining awareness of habitual patterns often diminishes discomfort, and fosters a renewed sense of joy, freedom, and balance. This hands-on technique can help to reduce pain and tension, improve ease and freedom of movement, and enhance overall health and well-being. Explores the possbilities of who you can be, using the vehicle of movement. Try a mini – session here. 


Pilates is designed to stregthen the core muscles that improve balance, prevent injury, and boost performance. Equipment works to assist and support you in connecting to these muscles, and to become aware of and change compensatory patterns. No matter where you are, Pilates can meet you. Come experience a 25 minute semi-private class (3 people max) with our dynamic, experienced teachers. Sign up here!

We acknowledge and express gratitude for inhabiting and working on the indigenous homelands of the native tribal peoples of the Pacific Northwest.