Pilates | Privates + Classes

Movement is the poetry of the body

Private and small group movement education to uplevel your body awareness, neuro-muscular patterning, and movement quality – setting you up to move with grace and power whether you are recovering from an injury, or training for an athletic event.

SPRING Group Class Schedule


Tuesday 4:30pm | BEGINNER PILATES w/ Kim

Tuesday 5:30pm | GROUP EQUIPMENT w/ Kim

Tuesday 6:30pm | GROUP EQUIPMENT w/ Kim


Wednesday 12:30pm | GROUP ACUPUNCTURE w/ Ellie 

Wednesday 6:30pm | GROUP EQUIPMENT w/ Beth


Thursday 9:30am | BEGINNER PILATES w/ Kim

Thursday 12:30pm | GROUP EQUIPMENT w/ Kim

Thursday 5:30pm | GROUP EQUIPMENT w/ Nobuko

Thursday 6:30pm | BEGINNER PILATES w/ Nobuko


Friday 10am | GROUP EQUIPMENT w/ Heidi

Friday 11am | BIPOC PILATES  w/ Heidi

Friday 12pm | GROUP EQUIPMENT w/ Heidi

Friday 1pm | ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE w/ Beate

If you don’t see a class time that you’d like, you may request a class time by contacting us.

We all know that movement tops the list of evidence-based strategies to prevent and heal from almost any malady, which is why you do your best to get in as much of it as you can. 

But lately, you’ve been remembering what it felt like in those moments when you were in peak form — like you could conquer the world. You are craving the kind of movement that allows you to….

  • move as gracefully as a leopard
  • climb a mountain to see breathtaking views
  • bring a child into the world and care for them with ease
  • explore the world, confident of your strength and resilience

At Lemon Tree Wellness, we know that how you move through the world is part of how you communicate who you are.  Ready to begin?

Pilates helps to re-pattern inefficient movement patterns so that you can move past pain, tension, and repetitive injuries.

Want to get rid of that nagging injury for good, and maybe even understand why it cropped up in the first place? 

Pilates is a powerful system of holistic, full-body movements that can correct disorganized patterns and alignment issues in the body. Human brains are so intelligent, they will signal the body to take “short cuts” when they perceive that a particular way of movement is more efficient. This is where the trouble starts, because these “short-cuts” often involve recruitment of muscles that aren’t optimal to achieve the task at hand, which can result in tension, strain, and over time, even injury.

Having a qualified guide, a teacher to help motivate and show you a next foothold on your journey can prevent you from plateauing, getting in a rut that leads to repetitive strain, and is certain to help you stick with your goals. Train smarter, not harder, and experience the pride of summiting that mountain of your dreams, whatever form it takes in your life. 

Our programs are ideal for you if you are…


healing from an illness, surgery, or pregnancy and childbirth

desire a greater sense of freedom and spaciousness in your movement

feel drawn to movement as a way to improve your confidence, energy level, and mental health

want to up-level the way you move

Session Packages




– Single Session | $90
– 5 Sessions | $420
– 10 Sessions | $800

– Monthly 1x/Week| $340



– Single Session | $60
– 5 Sessions | $275
– 10 Sessions | $500

– Monthly 1x/Week | $200

trios / group classes

– Single Session | $45
– 5 Sessions |$200
– 10 Sessions |$350

– Monthly 1x/Week | $140
– Monthly 2x/Week | $260
– Monthly 3x/Week | $375

– 6 Week Group Class Series| $200


Online Sessions



mat class

Single Session | $20
– 6-Week Series Package | $90
– 10 Class Package | $150
– Monthly 1x/Week | $70

combo packages

– Monthly Trio + Mat Class (ONLINE) | $180
– Introductory Package | 5 Privates | $290
– Group Equipment 6 Week Series  | $200




Angie Clifford
Angie has taught movement in one form or another for almost 40 years, starting when she was 12 years old assisting dance and gymnastics classes. She was certified as a Post-rehab Practitioner of the Polestar method of Pilates in 1996. In 2012, she graduated with a Master Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine and most recently finished her certification in Bach Flower Essence Therapy.

Angie lives with a belief that movement is medicine. The movement can be large and expressive, it can be a breath, the movement of qi from a needle insertion, or the vibration of a flower …but it will always speak to your soul. It will always make a change in your cellular body as well as your energetic body when used with careful intention. Angie is trauma-informed trained, and is here to gently support you, in your own timing, with your personal journey of wellness, and finding a more comfortable life.


Nobuko Kaji (she/her)

With over 10 years teaching in the US and Japan, Nobuko’s wholistic approach to everyday fitness is informed as much by her experience as a dancer and athlete as my training in personal fitness and Pilates. She is certified in Pilates by Balanced Body®, PhysicalMind Institute™, and the Pilates Method Alliance.

Nobuko is a Bodhi Suspension System® Master Trainer. She holds a certification in level 1 Neurokinetic Therapy®. With this multi-faceted background, she works creatively with a wide variety of clients to help them achieve deep, long lasting results.


Beth Koehler (she/her)

Beth fell in love with Pilates in 2007. As a cyclist and runner, Beth would have minor aches and pains. Pilates was the magic pill to her recovery. Shin splints were a thing of the past. Beth credits Pilates for her full term twin pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

Beth’s Pilates instructor encouraged her to follow her passion and become a Pilates instructor herself. Prior to the birth of Beth’s twins, she assisted families and their loved ones in finding housing options when they could no longer live at home. She also provided case management services for seniors when their loved ones weren’t able to be present, acting as their eyes and ears. Helping people is her passion. 

STOTT PILATES Certified in Matwork and Reformer with training in Stability Chair, Cadillac, Injuries and Special Populations, Barre, and various props, Beth is dedicated to making your Pilates experience enjoyable and rewarding. With a keen sense of your needs, Beth will design and implement a personalized workout just for you.


Kim Olsen (she/her)

Kim’s love for Pilates began in 2003 following a snowboarding injury. In addition to helping her rehab from her injury, she found a more mindful way to move, breathe, increase awareness and identify imbalances in her body.

She began the transition away from her corporate career in 2008, and is a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor with continuing education including Injury and Special Populations, Pre and Post-Natal and Athletic Conditioning.

Kim believes Pilates is for everyone and that movement can uplift our mood, increase mobility and mental wellbeing. She loves working with clients of all ages, abilities, and movement backgrounds, and creating specialized programming to help them achieve their goals.

When she’s not teaching, she enjoys long walks in nature, spending time with her family, snowboarding, cooking, and relaxing with a good book.


Taylor Capek (she/her)

Taylor is a classical Pilates instructor who doesn’t know life without Pilates. She is comprehensively certified with Peak Pilates, and has been practicing Pilates for more than 20 years.

Her favorite thing about Pilates is its accessibility for every body, age, fitness level, and flexibility level. She loves working with athletes and anyone else who believes in strong centers, flexible spines, and happy hamstrings.

Taylor is a PNW transplant from Colorado. In her spare time, she loves hiking, running, reading, and finding new breweries to visit with her husband and dog.

Heidi Weiss

Heidi Weiss (she/her)

Heidi has held a comprehensive Pilates certification with Peak Pilates and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) certification since 2006. She has a Master’s in Public Health Education: Integrative Health from Portland State University, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese from Reed College. 

In 2006 Heidi founded Portland Pilates Collective + Wellness Center in order to make Pilates accessible to all and welcoming to a wider demographic. She has helped many people manage scoliosis, others with chronic pain as well as with prenatal preparation and post-partum recovery, and atheletes training for excellence. 

Level Up Your Posture

Posture Perfect is an 8 week self-study experience that empowers you to improve your posture in just 10 minutes/day. Get the guidance you need to improve your posture with this simple, effective program. We will use the science of behavior change and the most effective, targeted exercises gleaned from Heidi’s 15+ years of experience working as a Pilates teacher to help you create a completely doable daily practice that will transform your posture. Rather than carving out hours a week from your schedule to take classes that are not tailored to your specific needs, you will be able to practice short, safe exercises between daily tasks and transform your posture in less time that you thought possible. If you would like to become more aware of your posture and learn how to quickly improve it, if you desire less pain or strain in your upper back, neck, or shoulders, and if you want to feel empowered about your ability to easily improve your posture, this is the program for you. It includes a 30 minute weekly video paired with a handout of your weekly exercises, a habit tracker to help you adhere to your goal, weekly reminder emails, and email support. Purchase includes lifetime access to instructional videos 


Cost: $230 for 8 weeks

We acknowledge and express gratitude for inhabiting and working on the indigenous homelands of the native tribal peoples of the Pacific Northwest.