When I met Nan through a mutual friend, I was so impressed not only by the products she was creating as a single mom so far from her native home, but also by her genuine spirit and earth-centered ethic. I hope you enjoy reading her story.

By Nan Wang

Parenthood has a way of making us reassess our world and the future we are creating for our children, and my journey as an entrepreneur began when I became a mother. Having moved to the U.S. from China 20 years ago, I had worked hard to build a professional career in San Francisco.  

When I became a mom, I knew that there was a better, more balanced life for both me and my daughter. Working full-time as a single parent was not a lifestyle that could be sustained or fulfilling. I was working >12 hours, plus 3 hours commute each day. What has left of myself to my daughter was an exhausted mom who couldn’t even concentrate for one hour of quality time with her, my precious one. I started to ask myself when my daughter was a bit over one year old. Was it the life that I want to have, was it the lifestyle I want to show her, and was the mom that I want to demonstrate to her as a women, as a loving mom? I had to be honest to myself, to my heart, all the answers to those questions were a firm No. So I made the radical decision to leave my career (I have been a CPA for 15 years and was working as a Controller for a High-tech company in San Francisco and was in charge of the whole accounting department), and relocate to Portland, Oregon. 

In my new environment, I began to explore new interests and a more sustainable lifestyle. In the years since our move I have become an Airbnb super host, a consultant, a coach, and now, the proud founder of Her Touch – specializing in organic skincare and self caring products. Her Touch evolved from a personal commitment to understanding the importance of what we apply to our skin, our largest organ. During the pandemic, I suffered with dry hands from constant handwashing. I began to develop my own natural remedies for healing, experimenting with all kinds of organic butter and oils and other natural ingredients until I found the perfect blend.

Inspired by the enthusiasm of friends and family for my soap, I developed other natural skincare products that have also been in high demand! Especially the Chinese Herb Shampoo bar. I lost a lot of hair after pregnancy and experiencing of a lot of stress. Some parts of my scalp was even seen in my pictures. I tried so many shampoos and conditioners including expensive ones but none of them solved the problem. One day while I was doing the research and studying essential oils, one idea came to my mind: why don’t I combine the wisdom of eastern and western together? Chinese people have been using different herbs for centuries to heal the body, to self care, and to cue different healthy problems. Western people have beenusing essential oils to do the same thing for hundreds of years too. So I infused olive oil with Danggui and Shouwu, which are both famous for promote healthy hair and simulate hair growth and have been used in from China hundreds of years ago. And I add rosemary, lavender and peppermint essential oils to the ingredients, which not only serve similar functions but also make the soap smell refreshing and super nice.

HerTouch products are my loving tribute to parents everywhere who want to create a better life for themselves, for their families, and for the future. By choosing products that are eco-friendly with natural ingredients, we are nurturing ourselves and our world. Like the birth of a child, the smallest of things can have the biggest of impacts. Let HerTouch embrace you with its natural goodness.

You can find Her Touch products and samples in the studio when you visit. Please ask to try samples! 😉

Lovingly made by hand, her organic soaps and skincare products are created to make the world a better place, starting with how we care for ourselves. Formulated with natural organic ingredients and essential oils, Her Touch products promise to bring joy and balance to your world; nurturing mamas, their families and Mother Earth who holds us all.