Guest Post by Caitlin Couture, LMT

Reiki channels the universal life force energy to encourage balance and peace, while shamanism draws from the power of nature and the multitudes of spiritual realities. Separately both practices offer powerful insights and opportunities to heal. When practiced together, their power is magnified.

Shamanic Reiki sessions are as varied as the individuals who participate in them. Some common tools that may be present are drums, crystals, stones, water, plants, the sacred symbols, pendulums, and tarot or oracle cards. A session generally begins with the practitioner channeling Reiki while the recipient breathes and settles into the space. Listening carefully and guided by intuition, the practitioner may then guide the recipient through one or some of the following:

  • identifying, manipulating, and removing energetic intrusions

  • journeying to connect with your guides, tools, and helpers

  • energetic cord removal

  • journeying to past events to alter perception and encourage healing

  • soul retrieval

  • visiting past lives

  • merging with the elements

  • chakra balancing and aura repair

At the end of the session, the practitioner and recipient will have time to share their experiences and any “downloads” (visions, visitations, information) that arose during their time together. The sessions are beautiful and loving, while also having the capacity to be quite intense and transformative. My personal goal for my clients is harmony, balance, and integration of their whole selves.

Caitlin is an incredibly gifted healer and each time I’ve come to her feeling disconnected from my spirit, or struggling with grief or loss, I’ve left feeling transformed, full of light and love. Each journey has been completely different, based on what I needed or what Caitlin was led to bring me through, and those experiences have stayed with me. In each session I’ve been introduced to helpers that now feel like they’re part of me. I’m grateful for Caitlin’s gifts, wisdom, skill, knowledge, and compassion, and working with her has been crucial for me during this difficult time. I can’t recommend her highly enough! -Erin Ergenbright


If you’d like to meet Caitlin in person, she’s with us on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the second Saturday of the month. If you are looking for in-person Reiki in Portland, Oregon, or remote Reiki, you can schedule with her here. For more information about what to expect from a massage, see our blog post here.