By Heidi Weiss, NTP, MPH

While we tend to prefer experiences over things for gifting (see below 😉), we do want to share a few treasures that are unique and would make beautiful holiday gifts because they:


  • help us see the beauty that surrounds us
  • help us feel spacious and abundant
  • help those in need
  • help us S L O W down in our ever busier lives by engaging all the senses!


Chinese medicine shampoo bars by Her Touch contain traditional Chinese herbs to help your hair grow! These are a practical (no worries about liquids spilling and ziplock bags for travel!) and affordable gift at $8/bar, and beautiful to boot! We also carry Her Touch face oils (day and night, pictured below), body butter, nail and hand care, and more! (Stop by to purchase, or send us an email!)



K + J  Perfume Oils 

We also love the newly arrived Kelly + Jones blends, natural perfume oils inspired by nature:

Citrus ~ Floral ~ Fruit ~ Oak ~ Earth

Stop by to sample, and mix + match!! 🎨



BeeWild Candles 

Bring some light to your holidays with beautiful and local Beewild Candles. They a unique selection of beeswax candles for gifting this season — check them out online here (and let them know we sent you)!

Mambira Foundation 

For those of you who like to give to humanitarian causes in honor of your loved ones, a non-profit organization we 💛 is the Mambira Foundation, which has as its mission the restoration of cultural, artistic, technological, and recreational programs for underserved communities. You can see their current projects, the restoration of the Mzilikazi Youth Center, and donate here.

Last but not least, if you are looking to give the gift of health, and of learning, we also have a new, easy way to buy gift cards to Lemon Tree! (You can find this link in the menu bar above for easy access) and a beautifully-designed hard copy gift certificate can also be mailed to your loved one (or you for hand delivery) by request here.